Streamline precise air emission
calculations for multiple tanks
quickly and efficiently with Monitor.

Monitor cloud-based storage tank emissions software is the best-in-class solution for simultaneously managing two to 5,000 tanks.


“Improvements in efficiency afforded by this solution allowed our staff
to focus on important strategic initiatives including integrating recent
acquisitions, rather than on number crunching.”
Manager of Terminal Operations – Midstream Energy Logistics

Monitor’s user-friendly technology runs on all platforms
and devices, ensuring easy access to current data.

Monitor helps your business cut down on internal resources, eliminate the use of multiple spreadsheets, and ultimately take the hassle out of compliance management. We provide our customers with a cost-effective, cloud-based solution that seamlessly—and accurately— does the work for them.

  • Uses EPA AP-42 equations and replaces EPA’s obsolete TANKS 4.09D software
  • Eliminates the inherent problems with using spreadsheets
  • Enhances organization and data management
  • Cuts down verification resources
  • Organizes historical tank changes

“Automating paper-based processes and having this information centrally and readily
available in a database — as opposed to in a filing cabinet or, worse, in someone’s head —
will have benefits far beyond the immediate solution itself.”
Regulatory Services Manager – Chemical Manufacturer

Self Managed

  • Easily add monthly throughput data
  • Account for split product throughputs
  • Fixes problems with EPA Tanks 4.0.9D
  • Swiftly calculate roof landings
  • Accurately calculate emissions from tank cleanings
  • Allows for tank activity roll-up (throughput, landings, cleanings)

“The safe, secure and immediate access to our up-to-date data has been
proven its exceptional value during a recent regulatory agency inspection.”
Manager, Facility Operation – Data Center

Monitor Pricing & Features

$99 /mo

All prices are in USD
($198/mo if paid monthly)
Requires 12 month contract
  • 1 Facility
  • 1 User
  • 50 Tanks
$175 /mo

All prices are in USD
($350/mo if paid monthly)
Requires 12 month contract
  • 5 Facilities
  • 5 Users
  • 250 Tanks
Call for pricing

Toll Free: (877) 919-7200
  • > 5 Facilities
  • > 5 Users
  • > 250 Tanks

Want to see how Monitor can work for you?


  • Secure web access – SSL
  • No software to install – no internal IT support required
  • Detailed input/output reports – TANKS 4.09D equivalent
  • Data backup for the length of paid subscription
  • AP-42 equations for breathing and working losses
  • AP-42 equations for floating roof landings
  • API equations for tank cleanings
  • Preloaded, editable petroleum properties & Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) profiles
  • Preloaded location-based metrological database
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and speciated emissions including HAPs
  • Easily handles changes in material service and tank configuration
  • Email & phone support

“Easier, faster solution that meets our U.S. multi-site needs”
Senior Environmental Engineer – Agricultural Seeds Producer